Straight Reunion. I counted 22 survivors and several children and one parent. The general consensus here was WHERE IS EVERYBODY? The reunion was 100% successful. People who were in this program were seeking help from each other to deal with issues that still haunt many of us. I saw many hugs, many handshakes, lots of laughing and lots of food being consumed! I also noticed a hint of a rivalry developing between St Pete and the rest of the program participants. All in good jest of course, as Straight - St Pete was compared to Straight - Springfield and the others. Either way, it was something that these people really enjoyed, was a great opportunity to meet and talk to people who can understand each other. Many attendees want to do this again, like annually. They know people who were afraid to come, but now that we really are not as scary and demonic as some people think, it is a good possibility that it could become an annual event. I would expect that some pictures will become available soon.